Walkthrough – Add Videos to your Interactive Guide

This video walk-through gives you a comprehensive overview of the authoring capabilities of the Yonyx platform. Yonyx enables authors to create decision tree driven interactive guides for customer service, online training, interactive video marketing, troubleshooting & customer self service. To learn more please visit http://www.yonyx.com

Creating & Editing a Yonyx Interactive Guide

This 30-seconds long silent walk-throughs below show you how to create & publish Yonyx interactive guides for customer self service or your call center agents.

Embedding / Integrating Landing Page, Catalog, and Yonyx Interactive Guides

Yonyx guides are published by embedding an individual guide or a collection of guides in your intranet or web portal page. You can also render the guide content from your web pages by accessing iteratively via Yonyx API.

User traversal of a guide

A Yonyx Interactive Guide presents information to users one guidance step at a time. Each guidance step consists of incremental guidance with a follow-on question that has one or more possible user responses. User follows incremental guidance & answers the follow-on question contained by choosing one of the possible user responses to traverse to the next guidance step.

Yonyx provides a responsive user interface for user traversal of guide. Through integration with your CRM/Helpdesk system – a user traversing a guide can create a helpdesk ticket directly from the guide.

Analytics – Activity Dashboards

Each traversal by an agent or customer – in case of customer self service guides, is captured in the graph database and associated with a unique identifier, date/timestamp when it began, the resolution pathway traversed & the amount of time spent at each step along this pathway.

Administering Users, Authors & publishing Yonyx Interactive Guides

Setup your guides for Internal, External or Hybrid use. Grant open access, restrict access to select users or control access through single sign-on (SSO) integration.

Yonyx enables you to create decision tree driven interactive guides for customer service. Yonyx solution however is implemented on a foundation of a graph database structure that does not have the limitations of a traditional decision tree (click here to learn more about this distinction).

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