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Systematic Review Flowcharts

The human ability to trust represents one of the core values of civilization. Builders of empires in bygone eras relied on trust to architect their creations. Statecraft and military affairs hinged on the ability of the sovereign to trust his or her advisers,...

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Flowcharts and Workflow Management

Serendipity, human ingenuity, and the intelligent application of effort have helped create milestones in human civilization. The discovery of fire may have been a fortunate event, but the invention of powered flight was the outcome of sustained human effort mated to...

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Making Flowcharts Online

The digital domain, so deeply embedded in our modern lives, represents a recent invention of humankind. The transition from analog to digital commenced in the 1970s as part of scientific projects designed to drive a variety of technical and scientific endeavors. The...

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Ensuring Flowcharts are User-Friendly

Ideas are powerful concepts that can drive outsize impacts on human lives. Every idea has its roots in thoughts, observations, and experiences. In conceiving an idea, a thinker is essentially experimenting with concepts, philosophies, views, motives, knowledge, and an...

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