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Using Flowcharts for Situation Analysis

"What a business needs most for its decisions is data about what goes on outside it. Only outside a business are there results, opportunities, and threats" - Peter Drucker A rational assessment of an operating environment is vital to ensure business performance and...

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Use of Flowcharts in Contract Process

"The first principle of contract negotiations is don't remind them of what you did in the past - tell them what you're going to do in the future"- Stan Musial The modern business contract and its attendant legalese, terms, and conditions represent a central aspect of...

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Flowcharts to Explain Buying Trends

"Why are you doing this? How are you making a difference? What is your reason for being, besides making money? There is no engine or vehicle like business to make a difference" – Walter Robb, Co-CEO, Whole Foods Shopping and purchase activities represent a primary...

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Resolving Data Complexity with Flowcharts

“Big data is at the foundation of all of the megatrends that are happening today, from social to mobile to cloud to gaming.” – Chris Lynch, Former CEO, ex-Vertica Complexity is inherent in natural processes and defines many aspects of the physical world, as we know...

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