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Interactive Customer Self Service

Using Flowcharts for Process Compliance

A wide variety of factors is instrumental in molding and shaping human behavior; these include breeding, environment, socialization, moral values, and innate personality. Human behavior has evolved over millennia to the extent certain norms associated with behavior...

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Ensuring Efficacy of Flowcharts

Corners are, by definition, angular devices or locations that can complete a shape, assist in navigation, or bestow meaning to a local map. These are familiar in everyday lexicon – in the form of ‘street corners’ or ‘corner shop’ or...

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Flowchart Basics for ISO 9001

Quality is one of the oft-used expressions that punctuates everyday speech in the English language. Speakers use the term to denote excellence, above-the ordinary attributes, and as a means to reassure consumers and customers about high standards pertaining to...

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Sales Process Flowcharts

Adventure, entertainment, sports, and recreation represent signature leisure activities that distinguish human lives. These pursuits distract the human mind from the proverbial daily grind, refresh the senses naturally, and instil a sense of confidence in the human...

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Merchandising Process Flowcharts

Traffic is a modern term that has established a presence in the contemporary imagination. Most people associate the term with vehicular traffic that clogs city streets in every major town and cityscape. This is natural because traffic gridlocks and chaotic flow of...

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Flowcharts for Industrial Engineering

Thought originates in the human brain in the form of minute electrical impulses. This phenomenon is triggered by a person’s visual and physical interaction with his or her immediate environment. The prior experiences of a person may influence thought patterns,...

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Designing Programs with Flowcharts

The human flair for creativity is a celebrity in its own right. The invention of the wheel and the discovery of flint stones bear testimony to this statement. These are some of the primary achievements in early human history. Early humans used their instincts and...

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