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Using Flowcharts to Learn Taxation

Taxation represents one of the foremost duties of a sovereign authority. The extraction of taxes from the citizenry remains an early symbol of centralized administration. Ancient and medieval systems of administration hinged on taxes as a precursor to delivering...

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Creating a Systematic Review Flowchart

The urge to create is a universal impulse that drives the existence and expansion of biological life on planet earth. The processes that guide animal reproduction and plant reproduction are encoded into the genetic material that comprises these forms of life. These...

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Explaining Recursion using Flowcharts

To all appearances, the human experience is a linear phenomenon. One stage leads to another in an uninterrupted sequence that flows in consonance with time. This theoretical framework applies to the human condition. However, necessity may prompt humankind to...

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Using Flowcharts in Healthcare

Biology enables the animal kingdom and remains central to the human experience. This branch of knowledge is intertwined with a variety of aspects including conception, birth, growth, maturity, decay, and demise. Healthcare and the maintenance of human health include...

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User Experience Flowcharts

Opinions arise from interactions and are essentially a creation of the human mind. Various factors lead to the formation of an opinion; these include personal experiences, hearsay, benefits gained from interactions, common knowledge, and extended use of a product or...

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