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How Flowcharts Help Auditors Improve

“The auditors will look at that and the entire software program and always find something, then report it to the management. If anything is out of line, we are going to find it.” – Andrew Beveridge Auditing is possibly one of the trickier and tougher functions within...

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Top Reasons to Use Flowcharts

“Decisions concerning covert actions are not often easily reached”- Pete Hoekstra With the increasing competition and shrinking resources, business owners struggle on several counts and consistently achieving efficiency in the workplace is one such herculean task. It...

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Why to use HR Process Flowcharts?

Coinage, paper money, joint stock companies, trade guilds, commercial partnerships, collaborations, and incipient capital structures represented some of the earliest manifestations of organized commerce during the last two millennia. Gradually, domestic compulsions...

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Principles of Flowchart Design

Contemporary living spaces present instances of functional and highly aesthetic design harnessed to the cause of promoting modern lifestyles. The architects, planners, and designers of such spaces are utilizing a multitude of materials, concepts, sensibilities, human...

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