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How Yonyx Interactive Guides add mojo to customer self service?

Organizations of all sizes operating in industry verticals ranging from Telecommunications, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Higher education to Software, IT or Internet recognize the power of online self service. They put in a great deal of effort to provide customer self service using techniques listed below.

Online Self Service Techniques in use today.
    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    • Knowledge Bases (KB s)
    • Community Forums
    • Video libraries
    • User guides / manuals

Fundamental Difference

There is a fundamental difference between these customer self service solutions and live support. We call this Guided Interactivity! 

What is Guided Interactivity?

When a customer calls your support desk, the Agent’s opening question is – “How can I help you?” Once customer responds to it, the Agent takes control & guides the customer one step at a time along a resolution pathway!

At each guidance step, Agent gives incremental guidance to the customer, e.g. power cycle the device. This is followed by a probing question, e.g. what is the color of LED now?. Based on the customer’s response to such questions – Agent chooses the appropriate next guidance step. You can build Yonyx Interactive Guides to present information similarly to the customer!

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Seen Customer Compliment of the Week?

Some benefits of Guided Interactivity:

    • Limited Starting Points: Unlike searching among thousands of knowledgebase articles, customers have an easier time choosing among a few starting points that correspond to customer call drivers.
    • Attentive Customer: Customer is alert constantly responding to Agent’s questions.
    • Easy for Customer: The information or instruction is provided incrementally – so Customers have an easier time following it.
    • Relevant to Customer: Agents use their training to choose the next guidance step based on customer’s response to the previous question. Thus information shared with customer is always relevant to them.
Because of these benefits the customer is engaged when interacting with a live agent.


Customer Complaint: My TV Does Not Work

Yonyx brings Guided Interactivity to Customer Self Service

Yonyx enables you to create decision tree driven interactive guides for customer service. Yonyx solution however is implemented on a foundation of a graph database structure that does not have the limitations of a traditional decision tree (click here to learn more about this distinction).

You can build Yonyx Interactive Guides by following these simple steps:

    • Identify call drivers
    • Create a Yonyx Interactive Guide for each call driver
    • Publish from your portal
    • Engage customers
    • Capture traversal analytics

Identify call drivers

Identify the main reasons or customer call drivers, that contribute to a large percentage of your customer calls. E.g. for a computer company – the list shown below might cover more than 80% of the reasons customers call them. Remember a customer call driver is not an underlying problem, but the symptom customers frequently call about. There could be multiple root-causes for each call driver.

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Seen Customer Compliment of the Week?

Create Yonyx Interactive Guides

Your subject matter experts (SMEs) now create Yonyx Interactive Guides for each of these customer call drivers. A Yonyx Guide is a decision tree driven multimedia flowchart that starts from the topic and guides customers interactively along various resolution pathways. It takes just a few hours to create an average Yonyx Interactive Guide. A handful of guides make a significant dent in your call volume & increase the effectiveness of your customer self service.

Publish from your online support portal

Yonyx Interactive Guides are now published by embedding one or multiple guides in your online support portal.

Engage customers

Customers now start traversing a Yonyx, one step at a time along a resolution pathway pertinent to them. If they cannot resolve an issue – they create a trouble ticket in your CRM system from within Yonyx. Your Agents can now access such trouble tickets from your CRM system. These tickets include a transcript of the interaction between the customer and the guide. Yonyx integrates with almost all CRM/Helpdesk systems – ranging from, Zendesk, Oracle RightNow, NetSuite, Jira, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Seibel, BMC remedy to various home grown systems.

Is Yonyx beneficial for internal use by call center agents?

Benefits of Yonyx for call center agents

Traversal Analytics

Authors can now use the sophisticated analytics to gain deep insights into customer usage of your product or service, & improve your customer self service.

Benefits of Yonyx AGI self service

    • Lower costs by reducing incoming calls significantly.
    • Provide 24 x 7 Support to your customers.
    • Customers find information easy to access, relevant and detailed.
    • High level of customer engagement.
    • Scalable Model for Support.
    • Deliver higher quality online support to your customers.
    • Derive deep insights related to your product or service usage.
    • Brings Knowledge Centred Support (KCS) to life the way your customers want it!

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Seen Customer Compliment of the Week?

Easy to Find right article Easy access to relevant information Contains Detailed Information Crowd Sourced Author Guided Interactivity (AGI)
FAQs Yes Yes No No No
KBs No No Yes No No
Forums No No Yes Yes No
Video Libraries No No Yes No No
Doc/Manuals Yes No Yes No No
Yonyx Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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