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Yonyx Referral Program

Earn gift certificates by referring friends



You wish to refer others to Yonyx

Win Propose-Yonyx awards in three simple steps

  1. Register below with your company email.
  2. Publicize your unique referral link via social media or email to your contacts!
  3. Receive award for each registered Qualified Referral*.


You have been referred to Yonyx

Win Try-Yonyx awards in three simple steps

  1. Register below with your company email.
  2. Click here to schedule a meeting with Yonyx to build your first guide.
  3. Refer others by sharing your unique referral link via social media or email!

Program Qualifications

  1. Anyone (more than 18 years old) can signup for the Yonyx Referral Program.
  2. A Qualified Referral is someone in a decision making role at a Qualified Organization, who participates in a meeting with Yonyx to build a guide (25 nodes minimum) within four weeks of being referred – e.g.
    1. Management role in customer service
    2. Product Manager
    3. IT Helpdesk Manager
    4. Sales & Marketing team member
  3. Disqualified Referral:
    1. Any member of a Disqualified Organization
    2. Any referral with a gmail, hotmail or such personal email addresses
    3. Any referral that does not participate in a meeting with Yonyx to build a guide, within four weeks of the referral
    4. Any referrals made outside of this Yonyx Referral program
  4.  Disqualified Organization is one that has previously evaluated Yonyx or is a Yonyx customer.
  5. Qualified Organization is any organization that is not a Disqualified Organization.
  6. Each Qualified Referral entitles the referrer to a Propose-Yonyx award and the referee to a Try-Yonyx award.
  7. Maximum one Try-Yonyx and ten Propose-Yonyx awards per person.
  8. Maximum two Try-Yonyx awards per company.
  9. Try-Yonyx award is USD 25 Amazon Gift Certificate.
  10. Propose-Yonyx award is USD 25 Amazon Gift Certificate.
  11. Award amounts and Yonyx Referral Program may be changed anytime without notice. Void where prohibited.
  12. For any questions, please contact