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Salesforce Integrations

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Yonyx is a cloud based platform for creating decision tree driven interactive guides for customer service that integrate with Salesforce Service Cloud & help improve consistency & quality of service delivered by an organization. Yonyx guides are integrated with Salesforce for both Internal Use (for use by your call center agents) or External Use (for customer self service).

Yonyx Integration with Salesforce Service Cloud for Internal Use

There are multiple aspects of this integration – all of which can be easily configured & tested with any Salesforce Service Cloud implementation:

  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) integration: Agents can access Yonyx guides without having to register or log into Yonyx. Please click here to learn more about SSO integration with Yonyx.
  • Embedding Yonyx Landing Page in New case form: A Yonyx Landing page consisting of guides presented under multiple catalogs is conveniently made available from the New Case form in Salesforce ServiceNow
  • Targeting Guides using Search Tags: Yonyx Admin users can add multiple search tags to guides. As the Agent chooses the right categorization for the ticket within the New case form, automatic tag search ensues. The guide(s) most relevant for the case category are now presented to the Agents
  • Integrating OneClick TranscriptTM: When an Agent completes a traversal through a guide in the process of assisting a customer, the transcript of the path traversed is saved in the ticket field upon saving the case.
  • Cross Referencing Case Number in Yonyx Incident Record: Yonyx Incident Report now contains the Salesforce Case number in the Incident record for cross reference.

    Please watch the video below to learn more.

    Yonyx Integration with Salesforce Service Cloud for Customer Self Service

    When a Yonyx guide is accessed by “External Users”, a configurable text link that appears at the bottom of every guidance step along all pathways. The default language for this link states “Unable to resolve, submit a support ticket”, however we can configure the language of this link. When an External User clicks this link an Escalation Form appears that is configured by Yonyx to contain fields matching customer records in your CRM.

      There are multiple methods supported in Yonyx platform to create a ticket in your CRM that contains information entered in the Escalation Form together with a transcript of the path traversed by the External User:

      • Email–to–Case Integration: The Escalation Form is configured to send a formatted email to an alias you provide – e.g.
      • Web-Service-to-Case Integration: In this case, the Escalation Form is configured to communicate through a web-service that your CRM supports.
      • Web-Form-to-Case Integration: If your CRM system supports a Web-Form based ticket creation, then the Escalation Form is configured to communicate directly with the Web-Form.
      • API-to-Case Integration: For CRM systems that publish requisite API methods, Yonyx Escalation Form can now be configured to make necessary API calls to create tickets in such CRM systems.

        Please watch the video below to learn more.

        Web-to-case is a preferred method for integration of Yonyx guides with Salesforce for customer self service. The ticket created in Salesforce contains a transcript of the path followed by the External User along with the information entered in other fields of the Yonyx Escalation Form. Yonyx has also successfully integrated its services with all other major CRM/Helpdesk systems – such as BMC Remedy, ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle RightNow, Zendesk, Oracle Seibel & several homegrown Helpdesk systems.

        Why consider Yonyx Interactive Guides for Internal Use?

        Your support organization uses Salesforce Service Cloud to create, track & close trouble tickets. You have also created (perhaps thousands of) knowledge base articles and published them. But Agents now face these problems:

        • Search Problem:
          Searching a knowledgebase results in multiple matching results. This takes up precious time and often Agent is not able to find the right article.
        • Traversal Problem:
          It is inefficient & error prone for Agents to go through a section of a comprehensive article, give incremental instruction to customer, formulate a follow-on question & skip over to another section of the article based on customer’s response.
        • Documentation Problem:
          Agents can take a few minutes to document the customer interaction before closing or escalating a ticket. These unstructured & inconsistent notes provide no management insights across all tickets. They simply serve their limited purpose when the ticket is handled again by another Agent.

        Yonyx platform helps overcome these problems by enabling your subject matter experts to create decision tree driven interactive guides for your internal agents to follow while helping customers. The benefits of this approach include:

        • Improved First Call Resolution. (FCR)
        • Improved Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT).
        • Reduced Average Handle Time (AHT).
        • Reduced Training Costs.

        Why consider Yonyx Interactive Guides for Customer Self Service?

        Customers attempting self service face much the same problems as Agents do when trying to find an appropriate knowledge base article or going through it. Yonyx helps compress the starting points for Customers to choose – e.g. troubleshooting guides can start from a list of symptoms faced by the customer; marketing guides can start from a simple Welcome message etc.

        Yonyx Interactive Guides when deployed for customer self service can provide several advantages:

        • Call Deflection: Several customer service calls can simply be deflected by publishing appropriate Yonyx guides. These include troubleshooting guides, installation & setup guides, business process guides, how-tos, IT helpdesk guides, Procurement guides, Human Resources guides etc.
        • Efficient Routing: Oftentimes a portion of initial assessment of a customer issue can be done by the customer themselves with some interactive guidance. The customer can then escalate the issue which can be routed to an appropriate department with a detailed transcript of the path traversed by the customer. This process can eliminate a significant percentage of customer service cost due to increased efficiency. Customers are also pleased with multimedia interactive assistance they can follow at their own pace, rather than feeling pressured to follow instructions they may have hard time following by phone.
        • Capture Data: Issues that cannot be resolved by a customer themselves can be created as tickets in Salesforce Service Cloud. Such tickets contain information entered by Customer in the Yonyx Escalation form – including any check-boxes, drop-downs or text boxes. This information can be mapped to specific fields of a customer or ticket record in Salesforce.

        How it Works

        • Your SMEs create Yonyx Interactive Guides – one for each call driver. Usually a handful cover a large fraction of your incoming calls.
        • You embed these guides in your support pages.
        • Customers now start traversing a Yonyx relevant to them.
        • If self service customers cannot resolve an issue – they create a trouble ticket in Salesforce Service Cloud from within Yonyx.
        • Your Agents can now access such trouble tickets created in Salesforce Service Cloud by self service customers.
        • These tickets include a timestamped transcript of the resolution pathway that shows the steps self service customer went through before creating such ticket.


        • Lower your costs by deflecting incoming calls significantly.
        • Provide 24 x 7 Support for your customers.
        • Help that is easy to access & traverse for customers.
        • Increase level of customer engagement.
        • Scalable Model for Support.
        • Deliver higher quality support consistently to your customers.
        • Derive deep insights related to your product or service usage.

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