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Many businesses, including publicly traded companies, trust Yonyx Interactive Customer Service platform to improve customer satisfaction (CSAT). They create, analyze & improve proprietary business knowledge for interactive consumption by their customer service agents & directly by customers. Below we give you a sneak-peek at the technologies and architecture that form the underpinnings of this revolutionary platform that is transforming how organizations interact with customers!

Graph Database Foundation – Decision Network Architecture (DNA)

Yonyx is built on the foundation of multi-relational directed graph architecture. This graph database enables extreme flexibility that Authors building interactive guides have come to enjoy. A network of freely interconnected nodes, this foundation is called Decision Network Architecture (DNA). DNA does not suffer from the limitations of traditional decision trees that have been the foundation of legacy call scripting software used in multiple call centers. It enables the creation of highly complex, interactive guides & capturing user traversal analytics data.

User Interaction Flow Visualization

Unlike traditional flowchart-painting tools, Yonyx Map View takes simplicity, flexibility, sophistication and intuitiveness to the next level. Complete with multimedia editing, built for html5 browsers from the ground up, this thin client implementation is intimately tied to the DNA graph foundation. Authors easily create, publish and improve interactive guides using traversal analytics data pulled right from DNA into an intuitive visual interaction flow. Searching, hopping, panning and analyzing the customer interaction flow are now possible in a jiffy.


Traditional databases & content management systems maintain version control of documents. With the DNA foundation, Yonyx platform maintains version control of entire graphs. Thus, Yonyx platform supports multiple authors to be associated with an interactive guide, who can simultaneously edit the guide from their respective locations. All changes thus being made to the combined work of multiple authors are tracked individually & in case a change made to a node or connectivity of nodes conflicts with the changes done by the other author(s) – they are alerted.

User Permissions

A Yonyx Admin controls edit permissions for all users and interactive guides within a branded sub-domain. Permissions to create/edit interactive guides (Author privileges) can be given or revoked by the Yonyx Admin on an individual user basis. Each Author gets permission to create new guides or edit guides they have authored, but only a Yonyx Admin can give Co-Author privileges to an Author for each individual guide. Similarly only a Yonyx Admin has permission to publish or un-publish a guide etc.

Robust High Availability Architecture

We recognize that a cloud solution providing a mission critical functionality that large organizations rely upon must be extremely reliable. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that Yonyx platform is never down. The diagram below illustrates our high-availability setup.

Yonyx proprietary quintuple (5x) redundant architecture ensures three copies of customer data are created/updated in real time. In case of a failure & subsequent re-commission of one sub-system, recovery from the remaining two copies is automatic. In case of a failure of two sub-systems simultaneously, upon re-commissioning of these, recovery from the one remaining copy is automatic.

While some SaaS vendors operate with planned partial or full downtime, Yonyx is designed to operate without planned downtime for any component of its infrastructure. Software upgrades are rolled out while the system is operating at normal load without skipping a beat.


Security is paramount to the success of any cloud solution. Security is designed into Yonyx at many layers of application & deployment technologies:


In addition to quintuple (5X) redundant architecture – daily incremental backups and weekly full backups are maintained.

Browser & Device Support

Yonyx Interactive Guides are accessible with all leading browsers including Firefox, Chrome, IE (Version 11 and above), Safari, and Oprah on desktops & iOS or Android browsers from smartphones or tablets.

Integration with CRM/Helpdesk

Yonyx is easily integrated with all CRM/Helpdesk systems you have or migrate to. Live with multiple leading CRM/Helpdesk vendors like Salesforce, Zendesk, BMC Remedy, Oracle RightNow, Oracle Seibel, the system is architected to interface through configurable email, web-services, Helpdesk APIs & Yonyx APIs.

CDN Enabled Images

The images (screenshots/pictures/icons) uploaded to Yonyx are compressed, managed and distributed to users through a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that makes these Images available through Edge Servers in 90+ countries. Viewers globally thus have fast access to content by getting access to images without the latency of multiple hops.

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