Yonyx is a cloud based platform that enables you to create decision tree driven interactive guides integrated with Oracle Siebel CRM & other helpdesk systems. Yonyx guides are deployed for customer self service or for use by your call center agents alongside Oracle Siebel CRM.

Why would you consider Yonyx Interactive Guides?

Your support organization uses Oracle Siebel CRM to create, track & close trouble tickets. You have also created (perhaps hundreds or thousands of) knowledgebase articles and published them for internal use or for customer self service. But it has not made a significant dent on the number of repeat issues customers frequently call your contact center for! Different agents still provide wrong or inconsistent information to customers for the same issue! What is the reason?

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Luckily, with Yonyx platform integrated with your Oracle Siebel CRM implementation, you can overcome these problems. Yonyx enables you create decision tree driven interactive guides for customer self service & for your internal agents to use while helping customers.

A Yonyx Interactive Guide presents information to agents one guidance step at a time. Each guidance step consists of incremental guidance with a follow-on question that has one or more possible user responses.


Customer Complaint: My TV Does Not Work

For Yonyx and Oracle Siebel CRM customers, this is quick and easy to set up.

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How it Works

  • Your SMEs create Yonyx Interactive Guides – one for each call driver. Usually a handful cover a large fraction of your incoming calls.
  • You embed these guides in your support pages.
  • Users (customers or agents) now start traversing a Yonyx relevant to them.
  • If self service customers cannot resolve an issue – they create a trouble ticket in Oracle Siebel CRM from within Yonyx.
  • Your Agents can now access such trouble tickets created in Oracle Siebel CRM by self service customers.
  • These tickets include a timestamped transcript of the resolution pathway that shows the steps self service customer went through before creating such ticket.
  • Check out the included video to learn more.


  • Lower your costs by cutting down incoming calls significantly.
  • Provide 24 x 7 Support for your customers.
  • Help that is easy to access & traverse for customers.
  • Increase level of customer engagement.
  • Scalable Model for Support.
  • Deliver higher quality support consistently to your customers.
  • Derive deep insights related to your product or service usage.

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