Guided Customer Interaction

Yonyx is the leading cloud-based platform for creating decision tree driven customer interaction graphs. Such graphs (also called interactive guides or simply guides) are used for troubleshooting or call scripting by technical support, customer service & IT Helpdesks at large organizations.

Internal use

Internal users access these guides embedded within CRM systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, ServiceNow etc.

Yonyx Internal Use
Call scripts to increase revenue

Call Scripts

When used as call scripts for inside sales, marketing or lead qualification activities, these guides help increase average revenue per associate by enforcing consistency across customer interactions, standardizing objection handling and constantly measuring & improving the effectiveness of each step in the customer interaction graph using analytics data.

Technical Support

When used for technical support, customer service or IT Helpdesk functions, these guides help improve customer satisfaction (CSAT) by helping agents resolve issues during the first call (improved first call resolution, FCR), while simultaneously reducing the average handle time (AHT).

Yonyx Technical Support
Yonyx data connector

Yonyx Data Connector

Yonyx Data Connector helps read/write data fields from CRM systems like Salesforce and enables agents to deliver personalized scripts for each customer, while skipping steps along a customer interaction pathway, based on the value of such data fields.

External use

External users (e.g., consumers) access these guides from your website pages, embedded within your knowledgebase articles, through chatbots, included within mobile apps, social media pages etc. Using Yonyx guides for customer self-service helps deflect up to 50% of incoming calls through interactive self-service.

Yonyx Self Service
Yonyx analytics


Built on a unique graph database foundation, Yonyx is also the most powerful analytics platform that helps customers derive insights into their customer interactions that simply cannot be derived in any other way.

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