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Customer Support – A Necessary Evil or a Strategic Weapon

Do you want your cake and eat it too? If so, and you are running operations, finance or customer support functions for an organization – you have come to the right place.

Most support organizations today find themselves between a rock & a hard place. They are being pushed from one side by the internal (Company) expectations of “Do more with less!” and external (Customer) expectations of “Better Service!” Add to this the increasing need to constantly train, motivate & monitor an overworked staff due to rapidly shrinking product lifecycles, high attrition and competitive pressures and you say, “What gives?”

We at Yonyx, provide a way out of this conundrum. As success of some support forums has shown, Customers are increasingly moving to the web to get information and perfectly willing to help themselves if they can get solutions to their specific problem in their specific circumstance (how they use the product, environment, version etc.) Unfortunately, there can be thousands of different problems with a product or service and getting solutions for the specific problem one is facing, can be hit or miss.

Our focused, differentiated & forward-thinking approach to this problem enables Organizations to compress the thousands of specific problems Customers frequently call about into a small number of categories of Symptoms, each of which lead to interactive diagnostic pathways – much like a multi-media flow chart. Support Experts within an organization can create, visualize and maintain these interactive pathways. Customers can quickly search the Symptoms Catalog & traverse a pathway, one step at a time along a direction specific to their problem & circumstance.

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