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Create Yonyx Interactive Guides for high volume customer complaints

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Now that you have a list of high volume customer complaints – you know two important things:

  1. Which customer complaints dominate the reasons why customers call for support?
  2. What percentage of all calls do these customer complaints represent?

The next step is to assign subject matter expert(SMEs) to create Yonyx Interactive Guides. These interactive troubleshooting guides or how-to guides are typically created by a few authors who are the best suited for the task as per attributes given below:

A Yonyx Author (SME) should be:

  1. Hands on … willing / able to learn new application quickly.
  2. Analytical & methodical in his/her approach to customer problems.
  3. Knowledgeable about your support operations.
  4. Have good written communication skills.
  5. Be product oriented in his thinking – i.e. appreciates that these interactive guides can help hundreds or thousands of customers every week & are an extension of his influence to a much larger customer population.

Once identified & assigned to the task, create a simple table to track progress.

Author Customer Complaint Completion Date
SME1 High Volume Complaint1 Date1
SME1 High Volume Complaint2 Date2
SME1 High Volume Complaint3 Date3
SME2 High Volume Complaint4 Date4
SME2 High Volume Complaint5 Date5
SME2 High Volume Complaint6 Date6

On an average a Yonyx Interactive Guide for a given support problem contains between 50 and 150 nodes in the flowchart. It can take between half a business day to two business days to create. In some cases where underlying media has to be created/obtained (such as photos/videos of device) – it can take longer.

Yonyx platform provides you management reports showing how long (calendar time) did an Author spend adding knowledge on the platform.

Since it takes the same amount of time to create an interactive guide – whether addressing a frequently recurring problem or one that is rarely faced by customers – you can see why it is extremely important to identify the right problems through the survey in the first place.

Once created, it is a good idea to have another pair of eyes review & correct these interactive guides before they are published to customers. Such reviews may be technical (if required) in nature or simply language review, or both.

To review a Yonyx Interactive Guide, you can simply make the reviewer a Co-Author from the Yonyx Administration Console. To learn how to do that, please review the video here for Yonyx Administration Console.

Once created, you are now ready to publish & market the Yonyx Interactive Guides.

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