Consider the Advocacy Factor in a Positive Customer Experience

In order to achieve a positive customer experience, it takes more than just excellence in financial performance. In fact, it has little – if not nothing – to do with it.

Customers who switch from one brand to another would either express satisfaction or frustration with the previous brand and it is not because of financial performance – far from it, really. Achieving a positive customer experience is greatly related with advocacy and loyalty, which makes your customers refer other people to your brand.

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It doesn’t matter what industry you belong or what nature of business you’re running. Advocacy as a principle will always remain true. If you have brought delight to your customers and tickled their loyalty, this creates a sort of affiliation which could later transform into company growth. So, how can you obtain a positive customer experience which is strong enough to make your customers your sales people? To tickle the loyalty factor in bringing a positive customer experience, you must establish a distinctive and valuable service that goes further than the boundaries of both satisfaction and loyalty.

This is what customer advocacy is all about. This means you have to learn who are the most profitable customers in your business and constantly bring them high levels of customer service. This way, they will develop high levels of trust, which later on bring about advocacy in them.

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