The Features of An Attractive Customer Service Manual

Put some color in your customer service manual and liven up the troubleshoot.
Put some color in your customer service manual and liven up the troubleshoot.

Sometimes the world should not be seen in black and white. The arduous task of consulting a customer service manual should certainly not be one of them. There are many cosmetic upgrades that you can utilize to make your customer service manual more affable to the general public. Hear are a list of suggestions:

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  1. Avoid using advanced vernacular – Although being articulate is always wonderful and enchanting, some words that are employed can be rather difficult to decipher. Simplify your customer service manual with a basic vocabulary that is still professional in aesthetic.
  2. Use Vivid Colors –  Incorporate color in to your customer service manual but stray from florescent hues that can be blinding or intense. Make the material legible yet stimulating.
  3. Keep Prompts Brief Yet Specific – Do not gab on about unnecessary details. Keep instructions and descriptions short and to the point.
  4. Present The Material In An Organized Manner – A table of contents is a great way to start off the manual and also organize it at the same time. When assembling the initial draft, a table of contents can serve as a wonderful outline.
  5. Keep It Up To Date – One of the worst things any company can do is issue a service manual with obsolete data and information.

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