Industries Where High CSAT Scores Could Be Earth-Shaking (Part 2)

High CSAT scores are a goal every business should strive for regardless of industry.
High CSAT scores are a goal every business should strive for regardless of industry.

There are many restaurants and eateries world-wide. All food and service industries strive to provide exceptional customer service.  For elegant establishments and family-owned cuisine eateries, this is a way of survival: Providing delicious meals at an affordable price with superior accommodations.

The fast food industry has emerged as an agglomeration. Titans such as McDonalds, Burger King and even Taco Bell have opened up franchises worldwide. Swiftly, the resolve has transitioned from quantity to quality and in many instances customer service has suffered.

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A high CSAT score would be an earth-shaking bartering chip for a fast food corporation especially. Starbucks has prided itself on this, but Starbucks is not a considered a traditional fast food organization per say. The coffee juggernaut also prides itself on handsomely rewarding their workers and offering them wonderful benefits. This also ties back to fast food giants like McDonalds. McDonalds have tried to recently to renovate and make their establishments a little more upscale.

However, this masquerade does not camouflage the blemishes of their previous  blunders with consumers. The only true measurement of quality customer service is a high CSAT score. Perhaps, a current or future franchise that commits to procuring high CSAT scores will ascend to be the leader and champion of the fast food industry.  This would be an earth-shaking revelation and further exude the importance of superior customer service.

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