Necessity is the mother of Self-Service

If I had a genie that could walk me step by step through why my digital pen was not transferring notes to my Mac, then help fix my spectrometer in the afternoon & top it off with resolving the payment gateway problem with my eCommerce website at night – I’d seriously consider supporting changes to laws against polygamy!

[img src=”” width=”250″ height=”” align=”right”] But when I need help, the closest I get is Uncle Google who in a microsecond points me to a million tormenting self service articles as if smiling sadistically, “Its either this or the dark haunting dungeon your mind wanders into while waiting on the phone for that sweet little “How may I help you?” voice. 

Necessity indeed is the mother of Self-Service…
While we have been browbeaten into accepting it as it is, companies increasingly are realizing self-service as a form of competitive advantage. Not only does it translate into a happier customers (i.e. they spend more – Ka-Ching!) the savings go directly to the bottom line (more Ka-Ching!).
So the paramount question for chefs preparing your self service recipe must be “How can my customer find the most appetizing information to suit their palette & enjoy it one mouthful at a time, without causing in-digestion in the process?”

We at Yonyx have developed such a recipe & will share it with you one step at a time.

Step1. Understand the distinction: Customer Complaint vs Root Causes

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