Reasons Why, Sometimes The Best Customer Call Is No Call At All

Call center agents talk to different customers each and every day .Anytime a call is received, agents usually anticipate the type of customer they are going to communicate with and the outcome. Well, there is no doubt that some calls are always anticipated for while others are one of the worst an agent can get.

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Only get good calls from customers.
Only get good calls from customers.

When an agent gets a good call from a customer, he or she will smile once that phone is hang up. But sometimes that smile is not worth it. A good call sometimes is no call at all. Instead of answering this good call, agents should have been doing something productive. For instance, if the information required by a customer can be found on a company’s FAQ page or site. It is simple to direct the customer to your site than having them call the contact center. You realize than your call center can do a lot than answering regular calls.

A good call sometimes is no call at all since it tends to waste agents time. Instead of simply directing customers to a page to get answers, agents will want to answer the question. As managers, it is important that they take note of good calls and find the appropriate solution to it.

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