The Customers Your Business Needs

Lots of businesses are focused primarily on bringing in new customers without spending a lot of time on working to keep the ones they already have. Sure, bringing in new customers is important to an extent, but business owners also need to think about the other types of customers that are essential to making them as successful as possible.

  • Need Based Customers: these are customers that are in your store looking for a specific product or service. Many times, these customers are not regulars in your store—only coming in when necessary. When you focus your marketing efforts on these types of people, you’ll find that your sales will rise but be followed by a downturn. Once they’ve gotten what they need, they have no use for you anymore. You can turn these customers into beneficial sales by predicting a need before it is available on the market. These customers also have the potential to turn into loyal long term customers if you can effectively determine what their long term needs will be.
  • Repeat Customer: Hands down, the best customers your business can have are loyal, repeat customers.

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