Top 5 customer myths you should never fall for

In business, just like in religion, there are customer myths that every one wishes to follow. This myths talk about customers in one way or another but they are just believes. This are reason why you shouldn’t fall for these customer myths.

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Invest more in marketing and advertising than customer service.

The reality is that it is hard to attract new customer than to keep new old ones therefore simply give equal opportunities in your business.

More complains means reduced revenue

Complaining is something natural but what you do with complain is what matters. Solve issues raised and not only will complains reduce but the profit will grow.

Reduced complains means better services

This should not fool you on your achievements ask yourself why they aren’t complaining. It could be you are loosing them so focus on positive customer experience  and not complains for reason.

Keep customer happy at whatever cost

Among the thing you can never achieve in full is keeping yours customer happy. Just focus on their need and your business will be safe from bankrupts.

Most customers will complain when they encounter a problem

Most customers don’t complains instead tell their friends on different social platforms about the problem.

Yonyx will simplify your customer service and experience, customer myths not withstanding.

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