Which Type of Customer Do You Focus on?

Attracting new customers can be fun and addicting but don’t waste too many resources on it. It’s certainly necessary to bring new customers to your business, but new customers should only take up around 20% of your resources. Loyal customers should receive the most of your time, as they have the potential to bring you up to 50% of your revenue. In addition, loyal customers are likely to recommend you to family or friends if you impress them with your service. There are also a few other types of customers to look out for. A few different customer types are described below:

  • Loyal, repeat customers: These customers are devoted to your business. They will continue to give you business as long as you continue to maintain their interest. You should be devoting a fair amount of resources to keeping their business. There are many things you could try to maintain their support. You can have special sales for loyal customers only, secret coupons sent through text message, or you can be appreciative of your loyal customers’ support on a social media website.
  • Bargain customers: These customers will give you a visit if you have a good sale going on. It’s important to give them attention now and then, but if they were the focus of your marketing, you might not make as much money as you could.
  • Impulsive customers: These customers are hard to predict. They don’t know exactly what they want, so you can’t know either. Spending too much time focusing on them may prove to be a waste of time.

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