Customer Support, Are Customers Really Always Right?

We’ve all been there – dealing with angry customers in customer support and the traditional saying “customers are always right” sometimes just don’t fit anywhere in the scene. But, are customers really always right? The safest answer would be – yes, even if they’re wrong.

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Apology would suffice. In theory, it is always your fault that the customer got “angry.” There has been a mistake and the damage has already been done. In the midst of a customer’s high pitched complaint, the most reasonable thing to do is swallow your emotions and offer to correct the situation by sending another product. Even if you think that the demands for compensation in customer support are extreme, there’s no better way to calm a disgruntled customer than rectifying the situation their way.

You cannot afford bad publicity. When angry customers talk, they don’t see reason the way you do. They talk for the purpose of talking and this could hurt your brand image and reputation. If they have received anything less than what they expect from customer support, they will rant about it publicly – worse they’d do it on social media networks and you don’t want that to happen.

Include a gift with your written apology. Despite the extreme demands for compensation, a good customer support will always offer a sincere apology in writing and include a product as a free gift. It’s worth it later on because the customer will stick with you even if they had bad experience initially.

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