Customer Support, Why Value Complaining Customers?

When you receive a support ticket or a call on customer support from demanding and complaining customers, our tendency is to become annoyed and upset. Customers will criticize especially when they are unhappy and frustrated. But, why should you value complaining customers?

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Here is why:

Potential problem areas to discover. Customers don’t get dissatisfied without a reason and more often this is the time for you to discover problem areas that you need to resolve or improve. Without this important feedback namely the “complaints” of the customers, you cannot discover what’s wrong until somebody points it out.

Customers who complain usually don’t say anything. When people complain and you don’t give them your full attention, they just drop your business and go to “greener pastures” like your competitors. This means to say that you should focus on their complaints and make necessary modifications according to what they require.

Customer complaints are warning signs that they want something. If you use these complaints constructively, it is easier for you to improve customer support significantly. This way, you can also improve other aspects of business like the quality of products, delivery timing and other business related operations.

Complaints, when not dealt with, can lead to devastating results. The worst scenario you will face is when customers tell their friends about how bad your customer support is. The customer’s friends will tell their friends and it will create a reputation wrecking domino effect.

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