Enhancing Customer Service Through Empathy: Part Two

When discussing empathy, in any context, the phrase: “walk a mile in the other person’s shoes” is brought up. We hear it so much that it’s almost become a cliché. Yet, there is a lot of wisdom in the statement, particularly when it comes to providing a spectacular customer experience. I speak from experience when I say empathy has helped me a great deal in relations with customers, as have numerous business and customer service experts. So what are some good strategies for developing empathy with customers?

Let’s go back to the “walk a mile” maxim. What are some good ways to get into your customer’s shoes?What about mystery shopping? It’s a concept utilized often in the retail and service industries, and when applied correctly, it can offer a good deal of insight. But in this instance, the person doing the mystery shopping will be you. Mystery shop not only your own business (if this is possible) as well as the competition. Take note of everything you possibly can. You will quickly gain valuable insight into the mindset of your customers, as well as the perception of your business and it’s competitors.

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