The Good, Bad and the Ugly: Poor Methods of Customer Service (Part I)

Incompetence is one of the greatest customer service pitfalls.
Incompetence is one of the ugliest customer service pitfalls.

What makes good customer service? The answers will vary. Everything from courteous representatives to speedy response are traditional replies to the age old question. What makes bad customer service? That is more cut and dry. Incompetence is one of the worst habits that need to be broken if you wish to build a reputation as a provider of quality customer service:

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 Incompetence – This a big no-no. Incompetence has always been the downfall of many great people, places and things. From a customer service perspective, incompetence is an embarrassment. Any customer service representative or customer service of any kind must be in tune with the product or service offered.

To some this may be an obvious statement, however a lack of knowledge has been more visible by many customer service agents on a day to day basis. The once clear separation between fact and fiction has began to blur and this obscurity cannot remain if your business wishes to establish rapport with clients. Sadly, many point the finger initially at the customer service representatives themselves. However, many times a new product has not been properly introduced to the employees. Frequent training and a clear and concise outline of protocols and procedures can aid the ailment which is Incompetence.

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