Handling Customer Issues and Complaints Via Social Media

Saying there has been an explosion in the use of social media over the past five years is a gross understatement. It seems as if everyone is on some social media platform, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Plus, to name a few. Many businesses have moved to the social media sphere, and it is inevitable at some point they’ll encounter a customer complaint via those channels. So what to do when customers complain via social media?

First, just as you would with a customer who came to you with an issue face-to-face, you deal with it promptly. On the internet, this may be even more important, as not acknowledging a complaint makes you look unresponsive, and not customer focused. Then apologize for the issue, just as you would face to face, and then work to resolve it. At some point, you may have to take matters private, and move it away from the public view. You can accomplish this via email or the telephone. As you can see, dealing with a customer complaint via a social media site is not unlike dealing with issues face to face—both require prompt attention and sympathy towards the customer’s issue.

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