Importance of Dealing with Anger in Customer Support

There will be times when you are faced with an angry customer as you offer customer support. The most important reason why customers get angry is when you’ve failed their expectations regarding the agreed policies and guidelines. In other words, the quickest way to raise the ire of customers is when you claim something and you don’t deliver.

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What’s the basic rule?

Acknowledge their anger and the reason why they got upset. Your customer support department must know how to empathize with customer’s feelings and deal with the real problem by acknowledging what got them upset in the first place. If you let them rant and express their feelings, eventually they will start settling down especially if they know you understand their feelings. Once they start to calm down, you can look for resolutions “together.”

Do not leave off the customers in the resolution process. Let them know they are part of it and that you cannot do adequate customer support without them. This will make them feel appreciated. Practically iron out the problem and issues, whatever they may be in an organized and systemized manner. Eventually, this approach will save you time and resources.

Always be careful what language to use. Make sure that you express your empathy through the right words and tones through customer support. Do not feed the burning fire with fuel unless you want to cause irreparable damage to the company.

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