Important Statistics to Know About Social CRM and Customer Support

More businesses than ever before are offering creative customer support through social media channels. If you don’t believe that social media has a major impact on the customer experience, let the following social CRM statistics change your mind.

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  • 82% of people around the world are contacted via social networking sites. 
  • More than 845 million active users are on Facebook.
  • Approximately 460,000 new Twitter accounts are set up daily.
  • 1 out of every 5 minutes a person spends online is on a social networking site.
  • Only 25% of social media profiles for businesses are set up with the customer experience in mind.
  • 55% of businesses fail to respond to customer feedback through social CRM.
  • Customers engaged through social CRM are likely to spend 20%-40% more money on purchases with your company.
  • Over 20% of customers use social media to make purchase decisions.
  • 17% of customers used social media to reach customer service.
  • About 35% of customers who interact with companies via social CRM voice a complaint.
  • About 70% of those who receive a positive customer experience, refer the company to friends and family.

The numbers don’t lie and as you can see, social CRM is essential in providing an excellent customer experience. Whether you are looking to help customers troubleshooting a problem or respond to customer feedback, social CRM works for you.

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