How to Increase Customer Retention and Loyalty with Social CRM

If used correctly, social CRM is a very effective tool in generating customer retention and ultimately customer loyalty. Social CRM allows your business to connect with your customers in a conversation, resulting in creative customer support.

To get the most out of your social CRM campaign, follow the basic principles listed below and improve the customer experience.

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Give rewards to your loyal customers. 

All customers enjoy receiving rewards for continually choosing your product or service. Social CRM makes it possible for you to reward customers publicly which not only leads to a loyal customer, but let’s other customers understand your commitment to your customers.

Reply to posts and comments as soon as possible.

The world of social media is instantaneous and you need to be a part of the conversation in real-time. Instead of waiting until the end of the workday to respond to posts and comments, have someone monitoring your pages throughout the day and treating it like an extension of a helpdesk.

Respond positively to customer complaints.

Customer complaints offer an opportunity to turn a bad customer experience into a loyal customer. Track the resolution with social CRM for effective creative customer support.

Ignore comments from “trolls”.

You need to be able to recognize when a customer complaint is nothing more than a troll looking to get a rise out of you. Avoid responding at all costs because you’re company will be the one that ends up looking silly.

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