Is Carefree Attitude Necessary in Customer Support?

If customer support is all about dealing with people all the time, do you need to have a carefree attitude? This question generates a series of various other questions. When it comes to customer support, a pleasing personality is a must but not necessarily carefree – perhaps this attitude is just part of the entire package. It is not straightforward but it is the answer that makes sense. Customer support means you have to handle different attitudes and behaviors of people. Having a carefree attitude helps you deal even irate customers.

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When people calls customer support, they don’t see you but they can hear you. If your attitude is bored and downright rude, they can sense it in your voice. On the other hand, if you have a carefree attitude and genuine politeness radiates from you, they will hear it in your tone. The same is true when you’re using social CRM as part of your customer support system. The messages you type and the words you choose will always convey the tone of conversation. Instant messaging and replies to posts made in social media networking make things a little tricky but not entirely difficult.

Providing excellent customer support is all about confidence and pleasing personality. It is not just about possessing marketing skills or having in-depth knowledge about the products and services that the company offers. Sometimes, the key to success is having the right attitude.

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