Key Points to Remember when considering social CRM

Perhaps, you’ve probably heard social CRM a lot of times lately. In fact, it is a trending topic among business entrepreneurs.

If you’re seriously considering social CRM then you should probably remember the key points below:

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Social CRM is a strategic approach in doing business. It is often supported by a vast array of advanced technology and tools that will help you collect all the data you need.

The data collection is often through customer interactions and engagements via social media networking sites. Business transactions with these customers are often just results of the dynamic interaction.

It is still about the traditional CRM – only this time it evolved. In other words, it is still a back-end system and process that manages customer relationship as well as data. However, the key thing here is it evolved from system-focused to customer-focused strategy.

Social CRM means different to different companies. Even if two companies implement social CRM, it doesn’t mean that they will have exactly the same result. The key point here is the level of understanding each company has. It is actually a challenging way to find solutions to problems.

Social CRM allows you to be in collaboration with your customers. This means to say that you have both the collaboration of your employees as well as your customers.

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