The Role of Social CRM in Helpdesk Integrated Telecom Customer Service

In the past, the telecom industry has relied on the telephone support of call center customer service agents to handle all customer inquiries and to resolve issues. With the advent of social media, however, social CRM has become the key focus of helpdesk integrated telecom customer service.

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Let’s look at what you can do with social CRM combined with helpdesk integrated telecom customer service that is not possible with traditional telephone support:

1. Monitor what customers are saying. 

Customer support no longer just means listening to individual customers as they call your contact center, it means paying to attention to general trends discussed over social media. You can learn what your customers think about your products and services, as well as what they think about other companies.

Helpdesk integrated telecom customer service.
Helpdesk integrated telecom customer service.

2. Provide multi-channel support simultaneously.

When the conversation starts on a social media website, your agents can first respond immediately on the public platform. Then you can provide links to online resources that will help solve the issue with continuous live chat.

3. Turn to online resources.

Helpdesk integrated telecom customer service enables customers to connect to a live agent immediately, similar to traditional phone support. The main difference is that customers have access to more than just the verbal communication of the agent.

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