Self Service Information- How to Create Useful FAQ’s for Your Website

All businesses should have an FAQ section as part of their customer self service portal. While it’s so easy to write FAQ’s that look the same as your competition, you stand better customer experience with unique FAQs. This post gives you three ways to enrich your FAQ’s.

Yonyx enables organizations to create decision tree driven interactive guides for troubleshooting & how-to information for customer self service.

Make rich FAQ’s

Before you write your website’s FAQ section, ensure that you conduct enough research on what your customers want to know. In this age of big data, your business can do a good job of collecting customer questions. Once this is done, conduct enough research on the best possible answers for these questions. Each question you come up with must also be done on a unique page for maximum impact.

Answer questions

Vagueness has no place in FAQs. You should make sure that you answer the customer’s possible questions in the most direct way. Avoid being wordy with your answer- be clear and direct in your questions.

Think like the customer

Use questions just the way customers ask them. With the recent Hummingbird update from Google, you stand to gain more queries with direct questions customers ask than aggregating into something else. Thinking like the customer can also make your answers richer and thus more helpful.

FAQ’s are a crucial part of self service information. We will help you not only create useful FAQ’s for your website, but also make them rich for the customers.

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