How To Sell The Call Center Script

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Yonyx can produce riveting and dazzling call center scripts that will turn your agents in to stars.
Yonyx can produce riveting and dazzling call center scripts that will turn your agents in to stars.

The  call center script is not just a dialogue for agents to read to customers while they are assisting them. It is a narrative for success, a foundation to deliver exceptional customer service. However, reading a call center script is just a prelude to the true talent and craft: people skills. While the script is a great starting point, agents must buy-in and sell the prose with their personality and expertise. Here is two ways for agents to sell the script!

  • Rehearse and Memorize – Like musicians who play songs from memory, or poets who recite their poetry, call center agents are most effective when they are not reading off a piece or paper or staring at a computer screen. When the agent has the script memorized, they can add a little impromptu and show off their flair and charisma. The best cases are when the agent believes in the product they sell or support, it resonates in their delivery.
  • Bring The Script To Life With Interesting Facts – This is the importance of expertise. When agents know the script and the product well enough, they can offer some unique insights that may not have been written down in the script. However, a script with some astounding facts will engage agents as much as it will customers.

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