Best Practices for Telecom Customer Relations Over Social Media

Social media is becoming the preferred customer support channel across a wide array of industries. For the telecom industry in particular it is a valuable channel, making telecom customer relations best practices over social media all the more important.

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When it comes to telecom customer relations best practices, it’s essential that the goal of resolving the customer issue remain front and center at all times. Developing customer relationships happens over time after a series of positive customer support experiences.

Let’s take a look at the telecom customer relations best practices when interacting over a social media platform:

  • Be responsive. Customers expect a high level of timeliness in your response to any customer support query. Leaving a troubleshooting question unanswered can cost you a customer.
  • Resolve customer complaints. Always address any customer complaint posted via social media by starting off with an apology. Ask to resolve the issue through private channels, but express your concern publicly.
  • Post updates regularly. Social media is a two-way street and customers will look to your company to provide updates about upcoming products or troubleshooting processes.

By adopting these telecom customer relations best practices, you’ll see an increase in the level of customer satisfaction and ultimately customer retention.

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