The Four P’s: Are They Still Relevant?

Those of us who have worked in the customer experience field for any great length of time have heard of the “4 Ps of Marketing.” These P’s include: product, place, price and promotion, and have guided customer service for decades. Let’s take a look at each.

Product is simple: it describes what you’re selling. On a deeper level, it means having thorough knowledge of your product or service. The more you know about a particular product, the more likely you are to communicate your enthusiasm regarding it to customers, and that translates into sales. Place refers to how the product is presented. Knowledge will get you far, but your presentation needs to appeal to the customer as well. Price involves again understanding the product—this time in terms of its worth, and offering a fair price for it in the marketplace. And finally, you have promotion—which is telling your customers about the product. If they don’t know your product exists, it will be hard for them to buy it, so it’s your job to get the word out. While not every single situation is going to fall into one of these nice and neat categories, the 4 Ps still offer an excellent framework for customer service.

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