Tips to Reduce Average Call Handle Time and Make your Customers Happy

Contact centers main aim is to make a customer happy on phone. One can think that this can take only a few minutes but it is easier said than done. Getting that opportunity to make a customer happy within a few minutes is precious to an agent. But they do not have the whole day; managers are watching and want the call center to incur fewer costs as possible.

Yonyx enables organizations to create decision tree driven interactive guides for troubleshooting or how-to related customer self service.

Reduce your average call handle time.
Reduce your average call handle time.

Here is how they can reduce costs by attaining lower Average handle time:

Using perfect hiring methods

Recruiting for a call center cannot be compared to recruiting of an accountant. A call center manager looks for an agent who can handle a call within the shortest period of time. Besides that, has the agent left the customer satisfied within the few minutes? Conducting an interview is the perfect method to use during hiring. The manager will get the right person for the job.

Anticipation of questions asked

An agent who is keen on calls easily masters questions likely to be asked by a customer. This makes it even better for agents to handle customers as they provide exact answers. Customers will not need  to try hard explaining a point.

We focus on empowering your customers to serve themselves and your customer service agents perfectly equipped to serve as well as manage your average call handle time.

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Develop interactive decision trees for troubleshooting, cold calling scripts, medical appointments, or process automation. Enhance sales performance and customer retention across your call centers. Lower costs with customer self-service.

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