Two Factors That Inhibit Call Center Agent Productivity

Call center agents need plenty of training and adequate to rest to be most productive.
Call center agents need plenty of training and adequate to rest to be most productive.

While training can be an excellent method to make call center agents more productive, it is all in vain if they are be inhibited by a variety of factors. Fatigue and a lack of expertise can be costly for any call center agent trying to make the most out of their time with a customer. Consumers always seek a fast and complete resolution and a call center agent who does not produce can sometimes make matters worst or irreconcilable. Here are two major factors which adversely affect call center productivity:

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  • Fatigue and Exhaustion – It has been stressed on this website, in schools, in the workplace and by families, friends and medical professionals alike: Being healthy and energized is everything! Call center agents are more prone to make careless and simple mistakes when they are fatigued or tired, when they are not. Thus, it is extremely important that agents get proper sleep and get plenty of breaks to recuperate. Furthermore, the job can be rather monotonous and this can bring forth boredom. Boredom plus fatigue is an equation that never adds up.
  • Lack of Expertise – This is another common factor that can yield destructive consequences. The need for constant training is imperative, so agents do not prolong finding the right answer or offer the wrong answer all together.

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