Understanding Different Types of Customers

Customers are an important asset to every organization. They are the people who make it happen for an organization. They additionally determine your success to the top, and your failures too. Knowing how to take care of them is very important no matter how you are being affected. It is your job to put a smile on their face by giving them what they need and attending to them. Here are 3 main types of customers that make your business flourish.

Loyal customers

These are the types of customers who will always be part of your organization a month or a week will never pass without having them visit your premises for products or services they need. You can say they are regular customers whom you have always attended to but have gone ahead and extended personal contact such that you are free to call them anytime new products. They are also obligated to bring you queries in case of a problem.

Discount customers

These types of customers will flood your enterprise or organization when you are offering a discount. They come seasonally and wait for the next time you are offering discounts then appear.

Need-based customers

They are seasonal customers that might be looking for a particular product or service. They are always interested in one particular product and will enter the next shop they see it. You are lucky enough to be offering what they need.

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