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Improving Customer Self Service with Yonyx Interactive Guides

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Delivering highest customer satisfaction at the lowest cost is the goal of all customer service management! While your customer interactions may start from any channel – be it phone, email, social media or your website – your customers eventually get helped in one of two ways. They either help themselves by finding the right information & going through it, or are guided along by your support team members.

In this video we cover how Yonyx Interactive guides deployed for customer self-service can help you improve customer satisfaction, while reducing costs. To learn about the benefits of using Yonyx guides for internal use for streamlining your call center interactions with customers, please click here.

If your customers trying to help themselves can find relevant information quickly & are able to digest it easily it would improve their satisfaction with your service! Historically though, we have come to rely upon knowledgebases as a solution for delivering such information! Customers have to search the knowledgebase to find the matching articles & go through them to determine if they are relevant.

Knowledgebases however grow with time & tend to have hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of articles. So finding the right article remains a huge challenge. Did you know that roughly 10% of customers searching a knowledgebase drop-off every minute while looking for an appropriate article? So, in about 5 minutes, half of those who started searching for one, give up! Similarly once customers find the right comprehensive article, going through it can be intimidating. Once again, about 10% give up at every branch when required to hop over sections that may not be relevant to them.

Yonyx helps overcome these problems by enabling you to publish knowledge in the form of interactive guides that Users can go through one step at a time along a desired pathway. Your subject matter experts create each guide like a flowchart. This flowchart, consisting of guidance steps & user responses is designed to interactively guide users along multiple possible pathways for any given topic.

To learn more about creating Yonyx guides, please click here.

Users access these guides interactively through a simple & responsive interface. They are presented incremental information at every step along with a follow-on question. A new guidance step is then shown based on their response to the follow-on question of the previous guidance step. Each guide is thus designed to help customers with information personalized for them on a given topic or a call driver.

You choose the right topics for creating Yonyx guides by identifying your high volume call drivers. Your subject matter experts then create guides for each of these topics. A handful of well-chosen topics should address a large percentage of your customer calls.

These guides are then incrementally published to a specific catalog under a line of business. The system automatically generates a unique landing page with multiple catalogs of guides for each such line of business under your account with Yonyx. The landing page corresponding to your customer self service guides, for instance, can then be embedded on a customer facing web-page of your site. The guides published through such landing page can further be integrated with your CRM system.

So now, when a customer discovers an appropriate guide – they can interactively go through it along a personalized pathway – thereby getting information that is relevant to them without the need to be helped by a live Agent. Their experience with such step by step interactive multimedia assistance can be so good, that every once in a while customers may even send compliments to the Authors.

Authors receive such compliments through an email that also contains a transcript of the path traversed by the customer through the guide! How often have you seen customers send compliments for any other form of self-service? Even the small fraction of customers who can’t seem to resolve their issue by interactively following the guide have the option of creating a trouble ticket in your CRM from each guidance step. Yonyx customizes this form as per your CRM requirements.

The tickets thus created in your CRM, can now be routed to your Agents who see all the information entered by the customer in the case form, together with a transcript of the path traversed by the customer before creating such ticket. Being able to see how much time customer spent at each step along the path gives Agents additional information about whether customer skipped doing a particular step or may have got confused at a step where they spent way too much time. Agents can further see the contents of any step by simply clicking on it & may return to the transcript view by using the browser back button.

The agent therefore seems to be helping the customer by picking up from where the customer left off as though the agent was right there when the customer was attempting self service! This experience of not having to repeat themselves is extremely positive for customers. Not only does this speed up the resolution process for the customer, the system also gives Agents the opportunity to send feedback to Authors, should they discover any mistake or improvement to the content that could help future customers!

Such curated feedback from your Agents adds to the list of pending tasks for Authors – which they can address by making necessary changes to the guide or discarding the request with an explanation. Furthermore, Management reports that Yonyx Admins can access also show the number of pending & resolved tasks for each Author. They also see each and every customer journey through all published guides, including journeys that resulted in compliments, trouble-ticket escalations or content improvement feedback from Agents to Authors.


You can also download csv information of all customer journeys and derive invaluable insights into customer issues with your products. For instance in troubleshooting guides – the most popular pathways highlight the frequent underlying problems faced by customers who chose to go through a guide, Similarly most expensive pathways are those where customer spends maximum time, & biggest contributors to poor CSAT are pathways with most customer escalations.

So this data driven collaboration that Yonyx enables between Authors, Agents & Management helps keep the content fresh, relevant and constantly evolving with changing products & customer usage! Yonyx guides thus improve customer satisfaction, while simultaneously decreasing costs through its data driven interactive self-service that your customers can access from multiple devices & browsers, 24×7.

To learn more about how the same Yonyx guides can help improve consistency & quality of your call center interactions with customers, please click here.

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