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Manage Users

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Types of Users


An internal user who can publish/unpublish Guides, invite other users, make other users authors, enable/disable users, etc. When you sign up, you will by default become the Yonyx Administrator for your organization. You can request us to add additional Administrators later.


An internal user who can run Yonyx Analytics Reports.


An internal user who can create/edit/co-author Yonyx Guides and resolve Feedback Tasks from the users.

Basic User:

An external customer / internal agent who can access Yonyx Guides created by Authors and published by Administrators.

Invite New Users

New Users can be added to your team by inviting them. Typically, you’d invite new users in order to make them Authors, Analysts or Admins later. In most cases you’ll never need to manually invite a Basic User because Basic Users are automatically created when they authenticate through Single Sign On (for internal use). The only condition for manually inviting a Basic Users is when you’ve published Guides for Private Access.
Let’s invite: Joe and Donna as Authors. Tom and Jennifer as Basic Users.

Registration Steps to be followed by newly invited User

When you invite a User, the user receives an email from This email includes instructions on how to complete the registration process.
Let’s watch Tom complete this process.

Enable/Disable Authoring

You can make a User an Author by simply Enabling Authoring privileges.
Let’s make Jennifer an Author.

Enable/Disable Co-Authoring

You can add more than one Author to a Guide to enable collaborative team work.
Let’s make Jennifer a co-author on guide “Outlook Client Setup” authored by “Training Author”.

Enable/Disable User

A Disabled User is denied all access to Yonyx platform even if that user authenticates with valid credential either manually or through SSO.
Let’s disable Tom and then re-enable him.

Manually Add/Remove Users to/from an LOB

If an LOB is configured with “Private” Access Control, you will need to manually add/remove Basic Users to/from the LOB.
Remember there are 3 types of Access Control (Public, Private and Private Auto-Enroll).
Let’s see how we can invite a new user (Richard) and add him to the LOB in one step and then, let’s also see how we can add an existing user (Tom) to an LOB.

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