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Customer Complaint vs. Root-Causes

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Customers call your support desk when they have a complaint (or problem)! Few complaints dominate among the chief reasons for such calls. Typically 80% of customer support calls are due to 20% of all the complaint symptoms customers experience.


Before we go any further, let us clearly understand the distinction between a complaint & the root-cause. A customer’s complaint “My TV does not work” could be due to a fault with the TV, remote control (or its batteries), power-chord or power-plug, cable-tv box, satellite dish, a broken cable, or the antenna! These are all possible root-causes for the one complaint.


A complaint is thus the customer’s answer to a support agent’s opening question – “How can I help you?” See the picture below for another simpler example. “Grass is dying” is the customer complaint, while “No rain in two weeks” is a possible root-cause.

Each complaint could thus manifest due to multiple root-causes, and troubleshooting or guiding customers appropriately requires interacting with the customer to determine the right solution or remedy for their unique situation.

A Yonyx Interactive Guide makes it easy for customers to discover the remedy to their complaint by following instructions one guidance step at a time along a pathway determined by the customer’s responses at each step. A Yonyx Interactive Guide is created as a flowchart of guidance steps interconnected via user responses (see below). Each guidance step has multimedia content & a follow-on question.


Now that we’re clear on the distinction between customer complaints & root-causes, let us look at a way of determining the ones worthy of investing your time.

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