When you enter into an Agreement with Yonyx, you don’t prepay for a whole year or even a month. You receive invoices once a quarter, post usage.

Here is an illustration of how we calculate invoices:
Usage PeriodSep 25th, 2022 through Dec 24th, 2022
Invoice DateDec. 25th, 2022
Payment Due DateJan. 24th, 2023

Invoice Frequency & Payment Terms:

You will receive quarterly invoices based on the average number of Internal Users in the preceding quarter as shown below. The first such invoice is sent three months after Effective Date, which is 30 days after you start your free trial.

Quarterly Invoice Calculations:

Your Admins may add or disable Internal users anytime to change the number of Licensed user count. An automatic weekly email captures a snapshot of activity – including the number of Internal users. The average number of Internal users for the quarter, is determined by adding the number of Internal users listed in each weekly insights email, then dividing the sum by the number of such weekly emails in the preceding quarter, rounded up to the next whole number. An illustrative example is shown below.

Invoice User Count ExampleDateUser Count
User Count – week 1 of preceding quarter9/25/221
User Count – week 2 of preceding quarter10/2/222
User Count – week 3 of preceding quarter10/9/223
User Count – week 4 of preceding quarter10/16/222
User Count – week 5 of preceding quarter10/23/222
User Count – week 6 of preceding quarter10/30/223
User Count – week 7 of preceding quarter11/6/221
User Count – week 8 of preceding quarter11/13/2215
User Count – week 9 of preceding quarter11/20/2225
User Count – week 10 of preceding quarter11/27/2220
User Count – week 11 of preceding quarter12/4/22120
User Count – week 12 of preceding quarter12/11/22105
User Count – week 13 of preceding quarter12/18/22110
Average User Count (rounded up to the next integer)32

Example Quarterly Cost Calculations:

32 users * $20 per user per month * 3 months = $1,920

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