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Stand-alone deployment

Internal Use (Call Centers)

By Agents, Authors & Admins.


per user / month post usage

External Use (Customer Self Service)

Contact Sales

NUnlimited Guides
NNo limit on number of internal users.
NNo limit on number of external incidents.
NProfessional plan features


Integrated deployment

Internal or External Use

Contact Sales

NProfessional plan plus
NJavascript APIs
NSingle Sign-on Support
NCRM Data Connector
NWeb Services Support
NCustom Commands
NMultilingual Guides Support


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Intuititive Authoring Platform with Synchronized Map View and Interactive View – Learn More N N
Unlimited Decision Trees with Guidance Steps & User Responses – Learn More N N
Add Text, Images, Videos, Tables, Hyperlinks & Forms to Guidance Steps – Learn More N N
Generative AI Assist – Improve, Summarize, Change Tone, Translate Text – Learn More N N
Generate Response Nodes with AI Assist – Learn More N N
Placeholder Functions – Personalize Data for use in Call Scripting Decision Trees – Learn More N N
Math Functions – Add, Subtract Multiply, Divide, Floor, Ceiling, Absolute – Learn More N N
Date Functions – Age, Add, Subtract, Convert, Duration – Learn More N N
String Functions – Concatenate, Find, Replace, Trim – Learn More N N
List Functions – Add, Remove, Find, Length – Learn More N N
Format Functions – Format Numbers, Currency, Dates – Learn More N N
Logic Conditions to Auto-Traverse Decision Tree – Learn More N N
Add Scores to Decision Trees Nodes for Quiz, Surveys & Lead Qualification – Learn More N N
Powerful Search in Map View – Multiple Criteria – Learn More N N
Hide Select Pathways in a Decision Tree – Learn More N N
Create Hierarchical Decision Trees – Handoff / Return – Learn More N N
Print Decision Tree / Generate PDF N N
Copy/Paste Nodes within & across Decision Trees – Learn More N N
Associate Search Tags with Individual Nodes of a Decision Tree – Learn More N N
Associate Custom Metrics with Individual Nodes of a Decision Tree – Learn More N N


Internal Use by Call Center Agents – Learn More N N
Support for Agent Feedback Workflow – Learn More N N
Generate Transcript of Decision Tree Path Traversed N N
Support for Embedding Decision Tree in iFrames – Learn More N N
Landing Page for each Line of Business (LOB) – Example Landing Page N N
Search across all Nodes of all Decision Trees Published in an LOB N N
Add Reference ID (LeadID, Case# etc.) for each Incident N N
External/Anonymous Use by Customers N N
Configurable Branding (Fonts, Logos, Colors) per LOB – Decision Tree Embedded in a Web Page. N N
Pass Placeholder Values via URL Parameters to a Yonyx Decision Tree – E.g. Name Passed via URL N N
Pass Placeholder Values as URL Parameters to 3rd Party E.g. Captured Data Passed via URL N N


Weekly Usage Insights for Administrators N N
Cumulative Traversal Analytics in Map View – Learn More N N
Decision Trees Activity Report – Frequency of Access for Each Decision Tree – Learn More N N
Metrics Report – % of Decision Tree Journeys Meeting Each Metric Criteria – Learn More N N
User Activity – Frequency of Access by each Internal User – Learn More N N
LOB Acitivty – Frequency of Access across All Decision Trees – Learn More N N
Keyword Search Activity – Frequency of Search by Keywords N N
Tag Search Activity – Frequency of Search by Tags tied to Decision Tree Nodes N N
Incidents Report – Steps (with timestamps) traversed by each user in one session – Learn More N N


Manage Lines of Business (LOBs) – Add, Rename N N
Add/Rename/Configure Catalogs within an LOB N N
Publish/Unpublish Decision Trees to a Catalog within an LOB – Learn More N N
Add/Disable Users, Grant Authoring, Admin, Analytics or Agent Rights – Learn More N N


GDPR Compliance N N
HIPAA Business Associate N N
Encrypted data – at rest & in transit N N
Password Strength – Configurable password strength and renewal policy N N


Dedicated Account Manager N N
Train the Trainer – Author, Admin, Analytics and Agent Training N N
Best Practices Consulting N N
24 x 7 Email Support N N
Phone/Zoom Premium Technical Support N N
Integration Support – CRM, API Functions M N
Development Support for use of Yonyx REST and Javascript APIs M N


Yonyx REST APIs – Access Decision Tree Nodes as JSON Objects, Access Analytics Data M N
Yonyx Javascript APIs – Control Decision Tree Embedded in a Container App M N
Single Sign-on Support – SAML 2.0 Based idP support. Learn More – AD, OKTA, Azure, Rippling etc. M N
Read/Write data from CRM fields to corresponding Yonyx Placeholders – Learn More – e.g. Salesforce, ZOHO, Zendesk M N
API Functions – Call 3rd Party APIs from Guidance Steps using Get, Post, Put, Patch, Delete – Learn More M N
Custom Commands – Invoke custom code snippets from any Decision Tree Guidance Step – Learn More M N
Multilingual Decision Trees Support – Export/Import Decision Trees in XLIFF format – Learn More M N
External Use: Create Case in CRMs from any Guidance Step M N


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