Interactive Decision Tree


Create interactive decision trees for customer service management, cold call scripts or self-service. Improve sales performance metrics and customer delight across your call centers.

The Product

Most Versatile Decision Tree Maker
Empowering BDRs, SDRs, and Support teams, along with Millions of Self-Service Customer Decision Tree Interactions.
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Create Decision Trees
Create decision trees with thousands of nodes using the user-friendly Yonyx Authoring interface.
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Improve Trees with AI Assist
Create, Enhance, Rephrase, Condense, or Translate with AI Assistance. Automatically Generate Tree Branches
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Build Trees with Subtrees
Create trees with subtrees called from parent tree nodes. User returns to parent tree node after subtree traversal.
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Data Capture in Tree Nodes
Forms with data capture elements, like textboxes, date, dropdown or checkbox lists, can be added in tree nodes.
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Functions in Tree Nodes
Execute math operations, manipulate lists, format numbers & currency, and perform date calculations.
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Conditional Logic Path
Conditional logic that can automatically skip decision tree steps along a corresponding path when conditions are met.
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A/B Testing of Tree Paths

Randomly route 50% of traffic to one of two tree node branches. Use analytics data for performance evaluation.

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Analytics, Reports & Insights
Platform records user journeys through decision trees, capturing data. Robust reports provide valuable insights.
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URL Param Data Exchange
To integrate field values from a third-party system into a decision tree, Yonyx supports APIs as well as URL parameters.
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API Calls from Tree Nodes
Communicate with 3rd party applications via APIs calls configured in decision tree nodes to send and receive data.
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CRM-Integrated Trees
Embed interactive decision trees in CRM systems while reading or writing CRM data from individual tree nodes.
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Single SignOn (SSO) Support
Yonyx serves as a service provider, enabling SAML 2.0-based access for users through an identity provider (IdP).
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Call Script Decision Trees

Enhance customer interaction by embedding call scripts in tree nodes, guiding inside sales teams for successful outcomes.
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Troubleshooting Trees

Starting with a symptom, interactively guide users through a series of questions and multiple-choice answers.

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Back office Process Trees

Craft process flow decision trees to interactively follow business processes. Improve service quality and consistency.
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Self Service Decision Trees
Step by step interactive self-service guidance eliminates the need for reading complex knowledge base articles.
Online Decision Tree Platform

Decision Tree Software for Business Process Excellence

Sales Use Case


Call Scripts built with decision tree templates help achieve consistent performance across large sales teams.

Tech Support Use Case

Tech Support

Step-by-step troubleshooting guides built using logic trees help improve first-call resolution (FCR).

Customer Service Use Case

Customer Service

CSRs following business processes using decision trees improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

Quiz Use Case


Create “Learn as you make Mistakes” quizzes using web forms. Improve training across your team.

Survey Use Case


Create CSAT surveys using decision trees. Next question based on answer to previous questions.

Self Service Use Case

Self Service

Step-by-step interactive customer self-service decision trees help deflect incoming calls.

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Trusted by large organizations.

When assisting consumers in the market for a home, there a numerous variables. Yonyx makes the transition from call-to-call, seamless for the user, enabling us to create an exceptional consumer experience for the end-user, thank you!


Mutual of Omaha

Fantastic Product and Customer Support. Great customer service throughout the journey. Vendor is highly responsive and customizable product.

Mutual of Omaha


Yonyx is my true friend. Just like a true friend always moves you in a positive direction, so does Yonyx when it comes to getting answers that help my customers.



Real easy to use, it helps me with guidance to resolve the customer issues.

Ola Electric


Its easy to catalogue instructions which are easy to access during a call to a customer. We can access the instructions to set up a modem or troubleshoot internet issues with the customer. The user can access documents with graphics and text and these can be copied and emailed to the customer!



The ability to input vital information that will populate in script is extremely useful.

Homeward Mortgage


One of the best software packages for end user and for content management:
The usage of yonyx for the end user is very simple and systematic.
Content quality and content management experience is great.
Easy access is one of its prime features. The scope of content moderation is fantastic.
Content management, ease of adaptability of this software is great.
It is a value for money experience for the end user.


I have been using Yonyx for 5 years. I appreciate a script available at my fingertips. I also appreciate how there are very little technical issues. Usually I just refresh and the script updates. I also love how we can provide instant feedback. I like that when I log in every single day there is an automatic link that logs you into Yonyx. I appreciate that there is no time lost and the script is readily available. My job is made easier because of it being such a simple system.



Yonyx is amazing for optimizing customer call flows. What I liked most was that Yonyx can be customized to fit your exact needs. You can create flows to go wherever you need and be able to get the right steps to handle an issue. Being able to see reports on which areas are being used the least/most can help eliminate unused flows but also help optimize the flows used the most to be as smooth as possible. Yonyx makes it so agents can rely less on following a knowledge base and more on just having the next step to resolving an issue.


Achieve Test Prep

I am an Academic advisor. I love how easy it is for us to access the necessary scripting we need. I haven't been using it for long, but it is pretty good. If you have no idea what to say to the customer, Yonyx provides it based on the scenario. That helps a ton!

Achieve Test Prep

Simple pricing.


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By Agents, Authors & Admins.


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External Use (Customer Self Service)

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NNo limit on number of internal users.
NNo limit on number of external incidents.
NProfessional plan features


Integrated deployment

Internal or External Use

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NProfessional plan plus
NJavascript APIs
NSingle Sign-on Support
NCRM Data Connector
NWeb Services Support
NCustom Commands
NMultilingual Guides Support

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Home Depot
Coca Cola
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