A Breakdown of Customer Service Meanings

When someone refers to customer service, they will generally be talking about one of two definitions: customer service the philosophy or customer service the business department. Below is a short breakdown of what each of these terms means. Hopefully, this will be helpful in your never ending quest for providing quality customer service!

Customer Service the Concept

First and foremost, customer service refers to the interactions that customers have with employees of a particular business. These interactions can take place before, during, or after a purchase, but it’s important that all of them are equally professional.

It’s important that employees start over fresh with each new client—negative interactions in the past should not affect their ability to provide courteous service to their current client.

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Customer Service the Business Department

Sometimes customer service refers to the department within a business that is most concerned with providing customer service. Normally people who work within this department will be interacting with customers on a regular basis, and their tasks can include solving problems or giving refunds.

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