Effective Ways To Have The Best Customer Decision Trees Work For You


Good self service can will lower your customer service costs.
Good self service can will lower your customer service costs.

Making decision trees is not an easy task for many. Some people feel the pinch of creating one to the extent they keep using old decision trees to make decisions that affect customers- who have changed. In this article, you’ll learn two main strategies you should use to come up with the best customer decision trees.

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Unlearn what you know

Using a decision tree created by your company founders in the 60’s is one of the biggest customer service mistakes you can make. Customers have evolved and grown over time and what worked then, or the circumstances which guided their choices then don’t necessarily work now. Today, there is social media and TV which changes perception at breathtaking rates. Rethink your probabilities and come up with a new decision tree.

Get outside eyes

Writing your own book, then reading it yourself can be myopic.  To avoid this risk, always get fresh, third eyes to have a look at your decision trees before you start using them. This will not only help you avoid ambiguity, but will also help you get needed perspectives that can improve your customer satisfaction rates.

We will help you create the best customer decision trees for an optimal customer experience.

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