Commanding Attention for your Business

When you can do the common things of life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.” – George Washington Carver

You would notice that we use the term commanding attention and not demand or grab interest. This is simply because demanding and grabbing do not have long-term sustainability. Earning and commanding attention for your business is what will insure its long-term success and customer loyalty. Commanding attention for your business is a lot tougher since it requires a creative and innovative approach and the attempt is to produce value for the existing and potential customers. However, companies that focus on providing the best service to their customers would be committed to keeping their customers informed, updated and always current. This is turn translates to customer interest, trust and long term robust relationships.

Commanding attention for your business is about attracting, engaging and retaining customers for a long time. This is in direct contrast to being an annoying and creepy company that spams the audience with useless information and service and instead of being helpful, is a major interruption and annoyance. Commanding attention for your business will also provide your company with a secure place in the business world and continually enhance the company’s reputation. We know that customers have short and ‘fragile’ attention spans, which makes it harder for companies to gain and arrest their attention. However, without robust strategies in place that assist in commanding attention for your business, it would be hard to survive in the ruthless business environment and gain favour with the highly modern and smart customers.

Customers of today have a lot to do and a huge number of options from which to choose – companies, technology, devices and sources of information. They are extremely well equipped to handle all these diversions and we think that your company should make concerted efforts towards commanding attention for your business, another diversion, through providing information and services that are relevant and engaging for your existing customers and the ones your company hopes to attract. Unless the offerings of your company and the information provided, is as customized to them as possible, it would be highly unlikely that they would take time to consider your business. Commanding attention for your business is about doing for your customers that which they will appreciate and make your company stand out and remain distinct from the others.

Commanding attention for your business is about cutting through the noise and barrage of (often useless!) information and data and providing to your target audience the most relevant and compelling data. Consistently doing so will spike their interest and sustain it, which is what commanding attention for your business is all about. Whatever your company does for its customers, the important thing to remember is that commanding attention for your business is a process (just like so many customer service imperatives). It must be consistent and certain uniformity in the frequency be maintained – of course taking into consideration the preference of your target audience. The harsh reality is that whatever method or strategy a company applies to commanding attention for its business, will not always work to its optimum or may not work at all. Therefore, in addition to focusing on engaging and compelling methods, it is crucial to remain creative and experiment with different approaches. Customers are quick to perceive a commitment and reliability in a company and will reward them with their attention, which often is business, repeat business and great referrals.

In the previous exposition, we discussed the importance for any company of increasing the online visibility of their business. The statistics reveal an increasing trend of online purchases and ‘visits’ and now online presence is absolutely vital in commanding attention for your business. As customers, you would know that when you hear of a new product / company / information and such – the first thing you do is to tap into the reservoir of information – the internet. Without ‘checking out’ what the internet has to ‘say’, most people hardly move ahead with making purchases or even connecting with a company. Your company has an online presence that is intriguing, enticing and engaging – rest assured, commanding attention for your business would be a lot easier.

Commanding attention for your business is also about ensuring that internet users are able to find your website and other social media sites easily and then be able to use the content on these sites for their benefit. Statistics revealed that there were around $3 trillion abandoned shopping carts in a given year and without being a force to reckon with on the internet, your company could soon be part of this figure. Not the best way to command attention right?!

It is a well-known fact that the environment has taken a severe beating given the abuse, overexposure and increasing demand on it. In addition, Companies realize their responsibility of giving back to the environment and to society find themselves commanding attention for their business. Customers are more likely to associate with a company that has corporate social responsibility as a key part of their business strategies and company culture. The fact is that when a company is mindful about saving paper, electricity or even using waste materials, they are able to bring their costs down. With lowered costs, they can pay more attention towards customer service, which always finds favour with customers and other stakeholders. Commanding attention for your business is easy through CSR activities and participating in related activities held by your customers too.

By providing top class customer service, high quality products and consistently competitive pricing, commanding attention for your business is a breeze! When customers regularly perceive these aspects, they are certain to speak about them to others. This word of mouth and customer testimonials prove to very powerful for commanding attention for your business. Other prospective customers are more likely to believe the word of current customers since it is genuine, real and useful information and first hand from the people who have experienced good things from the company. Being able to grow a loyal customer base and one that are willing ambassadors for your company is the most persuasive way towards commanding attention for your business.

To build and sustain a business, it is important that a company can get the target audience to pay attention to them and then be able to arrest that attention. Over time, this garners trust, reliability and favour with very important business partners – customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders. Each of these partner groups can then assist a company is commanding attention for the business, with very little effort and other resources. It must be the constant endeavour of the company to connect with their customers, understand them and make them feel like the most valued and important people that exist. Commanding attention for your business happens by first paying close attention to your customers – anticipating their needs and expectations and providing for them proactively. It may be a long and somewhat cumbersome process but when your company is able to attract the right attention, it will benefit the business in more ways than can be counted. Are you commanding attention for your business?

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