Converting Sales Tips into Customers

“Great sales people are focused on solving problems, not just making a sale. The key to making more sales is solving more problems for their prospects and customers.” – Jim Thomas

Sure – we admit it – that the aim of a company is converting sales tips to actual business. Even customers know that. However, we also know that the new age customers will not believe everything your sales personnel tell them especially if the sales pitch is focused only on making the sale. Customers want to know that the company will also solve their problems, provide great customer service and be there for them over and above the extent of the business. Your company must not just be focused on converting sales tips into customers but also must pay attention to making these customers so happy that they are always eager to purchase your offerings and also are enthusiastic about telling others. These testimonials would be a much easier way of converting sales tips into customers. We all know that attracting new business is much tougher than retaining the current.

It might be tough to attract new customers, but it is not as tough as companies imagine it to be, which leads them to try every trick in the book for converting sales tips into customers. What companies must remember is that as they think of new ways to get more customers, they would also be getting better at serving the current ones. As service gets better, customers will not need much convincing to provide repeat business and with repeat business your company’s reputation will soar enough allowing the converting of sales tips to become easier with time. It’s all about giving customers – both current and prospective – what they need and want, every time.

We have discussed previously that customers operate from an emotional and psychological level when making a decision to buy. To make the right impact it is crucial for companies to understand what the emotional and psychological reasons are for a customer. Having a firm grasp on these will make it easier to formulate messages that would be targeted directly to these reasons making it a lot simpler for companies and their representatives to convert sales tips into customers. So what drives customers?

– All human beings are driven by the fact that they would like to be comfortable, get the most out of everything and be subject to the least amount of effort and no discomfort in any manner. Even if there is something that requires effort, we as humans do it because of the resultant pleasure. The fact is that when customers choose one company over another to do business with, they expect that their choice will provide them with ‘that extra’. The companies understand these underlying and unsaid factors will be more efficient with their marketing messages and find it easier in converting sales tips into customers. When a company knows why a customer would buy or not, it becomes easier to influence them since you would already know what would make them happy enough to choose you, stay with you and also bring their associates and friends.

– Converting sales tips into customers will become easier over time but at the start the company must know a lot about the customer they are trying to gain. The prospective customer would have some aim and unachieved goals – knowing and understanding this would allow your company to make a business case that shows the customer how you can take them from where they are to where they want to be. Show them why you are their best bet to take them closer to their goal in the least amount of time and expenditure. Associating your company with the fulfilment of that ‘pleasurable goal’ for the customer will get them attracted to your company and hence more amenable to listening to your suggestions.

– To get more customers to convert post sales leads, the reverse strategy of the above also works. Use the scares, apprehensions and roadblocks that a customer is facing and show them how they would take longer or even be hard to get rid of without partnering with your company. Have a strong USP to support your claim – for example – no one else has this product / solution, provide facts and figures as testimonials of how you helped others achieve their goals. It may sound sneaky, but highlighting the fears and pain of the customer is quite an effective method of converting sales tips into customers. The only thing you should keep in mind is that your claims are not false and are continually backed by relevant service and products. People usually go to any lengths to avoid getting hurt or experiencing pain. Be the reason that alleviates their fears and pain and you will have customers respond to you faster and more often.

– Converting sales tips to customers is not possible without powerful and well-articulated content. Coupled with great content should be the brilliance of delivery of this content. The customer service or sales representative must be able to convey the essence of the content to the customer. Being able to convince customers is how well you say what you are saying and when you say it.

– The efficiency of the sales and customer service processes will happen only when you know your customers well. You know what their problems are, what their current stumbling blocks are, what they need immediately and what the best options are to help them overcome all the issues. Continually compare and analyse customer data such that converting sales leads into customers is about what the customer needs and how your company can personalize and customize the available solutions to address those needs and also create memorable customer experiences each time.

– Even if your sales or customer service representative has delivered the best pitch or done what is required for the first phase, people may not immediately make a decision. A report reveals that a large number – 80% – of actual ‘conversions’ take place post consistent follow-ups from the company’s representatives. The report says that it takes around 5 such repeated requests before a person becomes a customer – the failure to convert occurs since many companies fail to follow up often enough. You would probably counter this by saying that if someone does not respond in 2-3 follow-ups they are unlikely to and there is no point wasting time and effort.  This is far removed from the truth. Continuous follow-ups show the prospective customer that your company is committed to building a relationship through creating trust through gentle persuasion rather than being pushy. It is up to your company and its representatives to show the customer that what is important to them is also important for you and these gentle follow-ups with make the difference between conversion and failure.

Converting sales tips into customers is all about strategy and an innate ability to create and accentuate a need and desire where it does not exist or ignite such a need where it is latent and almost indiscernible. It takes time and effort to convince anyone to trust another with their money, time and other investments. Give these prospective customers more than just one reason to trust you with their valuable resources and ensure that once they are convinced they get more than they could have asked for and will be more than happy to stay with you and also recommend you to others.

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