Ensure the Landing Page Works for you

“Conversion coupling is the bond that exists between the source of a click and the ensuring landing experience.” – moz.com

Companies are spending extravagantly on ensuring that they get a lot of attention from customers and prospective ones. They divert their budgets on increasing customer ‘traffic’ through social media, email marketing and their websites. However, is getting more traffic sufficient? The first place that people go to, to understand a company is the website and what they view first is the landing page. Are you doing enough to ensure that the landing page works for you – that is to say that at least some percentage of site ‘visitors’ convert from being visitors to actual customers? Have you analysed the conversion rate to know whether the landing page works for your company? To know that your website landing page is working it should be increasing the conversion of leads to actual business thereby having a positive impact on the return on investment.

The first and most important aspect of a website’s landing page is that it must be compelling and engaging enough to make the ‘visitors’ want to know more and possibly even do business with the company. This page should have enough content and info-graphics on here, without being verbose and boring. Having interesting content will ensure that the person visiting the landing page of the website will be convinced enough to make ‘that call’ or write that email without going through the entire website. Most of the time customers are in a rush – so ideally they must be able to see what they want and like on the first page of a website. This also reduces the effort, customers and prospective ones and even casual visitors need to exert when trying to get information and also to take the next step that could lead to business for the company in question.

The reason the landing page is being emphasized is because it must be the page that is free from distractions and rather be the place that the visitors spend a good amount of time. When a landing page works for you, the attention span of the visitors will be longer and would stay here even before going on to the homepage that typically has a number of sections and links. Also companies are better able to know the average time being spent on the landing page and if the time averages seem to be dropping without an increase in conversions, then you would know that the landing page requires improvements.  A great landing page works for you also to let visitors and customers see your company’s attention to detail and an easily navigable page announces that the company is committed to effortless and great customer service too.

A well-done landing page when begins to help increase conversions, a company is able to cut costs on high-end promotions and lavish advertising. Word spreads from one ‘visitor’ to the next and also one customer to a prospective one. This not only enables the company to raise their profit margins but also enables them to divert more funds towards customer service initiatives like social media reach, better incentives for customers, innovation and other such initiatives that will draw more customers and keep the existing ones for a long time. It is for your company to decide what you would like your website’s landing page to do for you however, the one constant that has been noticed though, with a better landing page, is more leads and more conversions.

Many companies while knowing the importance of the landing page are often confused about how to make it compelling and arresting enough to ensure large numbers of conversions.  The fact is that there is no magic formula, but certainly to ensure that the landing page works for you, it should provide a smooth and custom-made experience for the persons reading it. It should be able to align the ‘visitor’s’ goal with that of your company’s values, culture and offerings. The idea of the landing page is to ensure that your ‘visitors’ get sticky – meaning that they are riveted by what they see and read here that they are curious to know what lies ahead and how they can get an association with your company going. The headline of the landing page, must be persuasive without being overly loaded with information, which will make it seem ‘trying too hard’ and almost desperate. You want your company to sound interesting and committed to keeping customers happy – not to convey that they are hard up for business and will be ready to be ‘run over’.  While the headline should convey a resolute purpose the remaining parts of the page should support what it says and also get the visitor to fill out a form if any and also link and share it with their social media accounts.

Each portion of the landing page is responsible to ensure that the lead turns to conversion and that the person viewing the page has an effortless and seamless experience. Even if one element on the page fails to live up to the job to be done, the whole page could fail. The ideas should flow smoothly from the heading all the way to the end of the page to ensuring a ‘smooth landing’.

To ensure that the landing page works for you, make sure that you know what the aim of the page is and what you expect it to achieve. Don’t make it hard for visitors to navigate by forcing them to provide personal information if all they are currently trying to do is read and make up their mind about your company. If they do decide in your favour, you will get their those details anyway. Also if they are reading one portion, don’t force your company blog on them by linking it to anything – let the option remain in the hands of the visitor. A gentle reminder that lets them know that they can share the page via social media usually suffices – if it seems like you are coercing them, you may put them off and defeat your goal of a conversion. When you place control in the hands of the persons visiting the page, it already paves the way for them to feel like they would benefit from being associated with your company since the customer’s needs would be put first. This will push them towards being ‘converted’ and doing business with your company. The landing page is like a soft and warm place where people feel comfortable being at – it should show them that it is only here that they will have their needs and expectations fulfilled – all they need to do is take the next step of connecting with the company. We all know that people like associating with and doing business with a company that makes them feel comfortable and welcome.

There is no doubt that great content makes up for everything. However, for content to qualify as great it must reflect that your company has been and continues to listen to its customers – both existing and prospective. Content must reflect the thoughts and ideas of customers to make it appealing to this section of people – if your company has been listening, it won’t be tough to write content that will appeal to a large audience. Content that speaks to the readers would be the kind that actually reflects what customers may have said, like testimonials, or other words used by people via social media or any other communication channel. This ‘copy cat’ or ‘piggy back’ content is probably the most effective since what customer’s see and what the other audience see is a reflection of their own thoughts and language! We all know that ‘imitation is the best form of flattery’ and so when you hand-pick words that customers would like to hear back, you are telling them that your company has the highest respect for their opinion and that you are able to feel and anticipate what bothers them and would do whatever it takes to alleviate these pain areas.

Use your creativity and thought before creating the landing page for your website. Check with some loyal customers what they think of the proposed page, incorporate their feedback and you are ready to launch a landing page that will work for you!

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