Avoid These Common IT Support Mistakes | IT Customer Service Bible

Providing IT customer support is no easy feat, and that’s why companies look to the IT customer service bible for guidance about best practices and what mistakes to avoid. The following are some of the common errors that companies make and why the IT customer service bible advices against them.

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Advice from the IT customer service bible.
Advice from the IT customer service bible.

1. Failing to provide automated support. 

If your company is still relying on traditional call center services to handle customer inquiries, you are missing a big piece of the IT customer service bible. IT customer support requires automated support mechanisms such as decision tree modeling and interactive guides.

2. Failing to provide a helpdesk with automated support.

Making an interactive user guide that facilitates automated support for installation, troubleshooting and other IT issues is the first step in delivering a positive customer experience. However, some companies then eliminate the helpdesk altogether. This is not advisable according to the IT customer service bible because you still need to be ready to answer customer questions.

3. Failing to Institute Social CRM

Customers are communicating customers in all new ways, and many are showing a strong preference to connect via social media. As a result, the IT customer service bible advises implementing a robust social CRM strategy to turn social media into social customer support.

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