Five knowledge base mistakes you should never make

Having a knowledge base for your customers is one way to succeed with your customer problems. The few problem solving knowledge bases have brought a positive impact to the business.

Yonyx enables organizations to create multi-media flowcharts that provide customers an interactive self-service experience similar to interacting with a live Agent.

Success is however, experienced by companies which avoid making mistakes mistakes when creating a knowledge base. Here are popular knowledge base mistakes to avoid making their knowledge base for customers.

Creating a boring knowledge base

Boring content does not attract anyone’s eyes and most of the time customers will not resist pressing the close button. Writing boring content will not solve even the simplest problems your customers are experiencing. Therefore make something interesting and knowledgeable to impact customers.

Using jargon

A knowledge base is supposed to solve customer’s problems and not make them even more complex. The mistake many people make is using jargons thinking that they will attract more customers to using them. Beware that customers need something that will not be so straining.

Use of long log-in procedures

A Knowledge base that requests for your password and user names before you log in is very unfavorable. Cut the long procedures and let customers to log in and out anytime.

Creating lengthy knowledge base

A knowledge base should answer customers question plain and simple. Avoid prolonging the answer and go straight to the point. Being brief and clear makes understanding easier.

Creating a knowledge base that is not centered on your customers is another popular knowledge base mistakes companies make.

What is your knowledge base meant for if not your customers? Avoid creating a knowledge base that does not solve customer’s problems.

We help businesses like yours optimize their customer knowledge base mistakes into opportunities.

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