Future Became Reality – 10/13/13

Yonyx Release 4.8
[img src=”https://corp.yonyx.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/iphone_yonyx.png” width=”250″ height=”” align=”right”] Customer Self Service will never be the same again …

On Sunday, October 13th 2013, Yonyx deployed its biggest & boldest release yet. With this release, we expanded access to Yonyx interactive guides from more sources & more devices while enabling tighter integration with other systems. Below I am including highlights of some important features.

Completely Redesigned User Interface
– Lightening fast performance
– Improved Navigation
– Mobile friendly
– Responsive Design

Introducing Yonyx Landing Page
– Organize guides in multiple catalogs
o Catalogs for troubleshooting, how-tos etc.
o Catalogs for Products & Services
– Yonyx Landing Page – auto-generated single page view
o Shows all catalogs in a configurable order
o Browse or Search across all catalogs
o Guides in each catalog are sorted by popularity
o Brandable & Embeddable
– Ideal for emailing customers one hyperlink for self service

Introducing Search Everywhere
– Users will find Yonyx interactive guides when searching from Google
– Google indexing of Yonyx interactive guides (configurable per customer)
– Search across all interactive guides from Yonyx Landing Page
– Search results include intermediate guidance steps
– Users landing directly on an intermediate step may start-over from the root step.

[img src=”https://corp.yonyx.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/google.jpeg” width=”” height=”” align=”default”]

Introducing Subdomain Support
– company.yonyx.com sub-domain for each customer
– Existing customers to update hyperlinks & embed scripts
– Embed URLs available at all levels – guide, catalog or Yonyx Landing Page

Introducing Platform APIs
– Integrate searching through guides with your knowledgebase search
– Completely control traversal and display of each step from your own web-pages
– Detailed documentation explains it all https://corp.yonyx.com/api-v1/

And Much Much More …
– Improved diagnostic pathway
– Enhanced Admin Console
o Sorted list of Users, Yonices etc.
o Search for interactive guides
o Admin User may invite other users – add/remove-authoring privileges etc.
– Users may attach logfiles, screenshots etc. to trouble-tickets created from Yonyx
– Filter Analytics to see Incidents that resulted in trouble-tickets

We hope you will like this awesome new release as much as the effort our team has put in creating it! Please send your feedback – via twitter at yonyxtweets (use #yonyx #customer with your posts), or Facebook or LinkedIn or GooglePlus.

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